What we do

We are an innovative life science company that’s focused on helping people globally live better through rapid, sensitive & accurate tests that detect infectious diseases.

We combine that with Artificial Intelligence to deliver user friendly self testing solutions.



We take on the world’s toughest medical challenges by thinking outside the box.

Join us and help change the lives of millions of people globally

Eon Biotechnology
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Research scientist in ppe suit conducting vaccine development

Team Eon

Founded by Dr Devendra Lingojwar, Vikas Pandey, Kamal Gupta & Suraz Kottaki

Board is led by Hon Chairman Mr Yomtob Sabah

Staffed by deeply experienced regulatory affairs  specialists from Blue Chip companies.
The team structures all our hard work into a compliant framework for approvals by global regulatory authorities. 

Headed by our Chief Scientist & Virologist Dr Devendra, Integrated R&D (IR&D) is the backbone of our excellence. Integration from protein formulations to product user friendliness helps Eon deliver the world class solutions

World class innovations need to be cost-effective and of superior quality so that ideas can translate to practical solutions for the global population.
Eon’s manufacturing does that and more in ISO 13485 certified facilities while being compliant with WHO – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

QC oversees the entire chain from Protein Formulations until Eon’s products reach the end of their lifecycle and are retired from circulation.

Our global network informs our customers of the latest offerings and upgrades. Customers can obtain trends, insights and help in choosing the most appropriate solution for their needs.

State of the art Mobile phone based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms assist customers in making a decision with test results, serve as a record & generate health passes

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Join our newsletter and get 20% discount
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